The Family is Waiting for You!

There’s nothing like family.  When it seems that the world is going crazy, you look for that place—that group—that makes you feel safe and wanted. And in those times of your life when illness or loss leave you hopeless or alone, you want close friends—family, if you will—to keep you hopeful in the dark hours. Yes, and when it’s time to rejoice no applause can match the thunder of family cheering you on. That’s what a church family does. Like any family, we don’t always see eye to eye, but we love each other through the squabbles and support each other when the chips are down. So, if you’re looking for a real, first-class family then look no further: Ephesus is it!

We’re a faith family committed to sharing the healing, reconciling love of God with each other and with our world. Please come and taste the sweet, savory experience of basking in the joy at God’s house. You’ll love it because 1225 N. Cleveland Avenue in Winston-Salem is where God’s kids live, and there’s always something going on at the house! See you there!

Christmas Blessings!

By Rinard Howard

God places people in our lives not by chance, but for very specific reasons. Neither party may ever really know what the reason is, but Gods’ plan WILL not fail. For a while, we struggled with returning our tithe and offering. I was trying to manage our finances from one income. The thought was that if I kept my tithe, I could pay an extra bill and things would work out. More
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